Monday, February 7, 2011

progress report

Here is the progress so far on my Mittens cushion. I'm really liking this grey plaid. I alternated on the wrist with red to resemble ribbing and am kinda pleased with the result. Can't wait to finish this one and move on to my next project.

I am going to hook our family home which was sold last year. I'll see how it turns out and then decide if I want to rehook it as gifts for my siblings.

Just look at these cute valentine dishcloths that I knit. Little gifts to be included with a card for Valentine's Day. Guess I'll have to get them in the mail in the next couple of days.

I just love doing things to make people smile and brighten their day!



  1. I love your Valentine's pot holders! They are fun to knit. Where did you find the pattern? My Grammy used to make such wonderful crocheted pot holders. I have several of them which I use well and cherish. Your mittens are coming out really well.
    Take care,

  2. The mittens are looking great. And I love the Valentines dish cloth. I knit those all the time but have never seen that pattern.

  3. Melaine, your mitten rug is looking great, I enlarge the photo to try to see what size cut you are using. I think that the date looks like a #3 or 4 and the rest may be aa 6 or larger.

    You are very thoughtful to knit those Valentine dish cloths to bring a smile on people's faces.May you be blessed. JB

  4. Love the mittens. and the hearts in the pattern...

  5. The dish cloth pattern I found at check her out. Julia I use mostly a #4 cut. Sometimes if the wool is really thready, I will use a #6 as in the case with the grey for the mittens.