Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Empty Nest again

The kids were home on a March break holiday and have now gone back to their own lives. Miss them lots. Grant will be back home for the second week of April before he gets deployed to Afghanistan on April 17th. (Please keep him in your prayers)

Have been trying to get in at least 10 minutes of hooking on my rug everyday.
Just finished crocheting a beanie for my daughter, but forgot to photograph it before I expressposted it this morning. I'll have to get her to send me a picture and then I will post it later.

Ordered my glass drill bits yesterday. Have to start on my new inventory of beachglass jewelry for the coming tourist season. Busy, busy, too many projects and not enough hours in the day to complete them. I guess I will close the laptop and start checking off items on my craft bucket list.

Keep hookin'

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life goes on.

Haven't written anything for a while now. On March 9th. my father-in-law passed away at the age of 79. He was a kind and gentle soul, and I will miss him dearly. Our children made it home for the funeral service, so glad to pay their lasts respects to a man who touched their lives and hearts in so many ways. Our son is also home for a visit before he is deployed to Afghanistan in April. Life goes on, no matter what happens around you.

Hopefully, I will get back to routine again and do some more hooking on my latest mat. Till next time.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

In the dye pots

Spent last night in the dye pots while the hubby was at work.Tried Wanda's (Wandaworksinwiarton) point step dyeing and here is what I came up with. Used Prochems three basic colors... Magenta, Brilliant Blue and Sunshing Yellow.

Overdyed three different greys with gold to get some green for leaves, like the first two but not so much the third one. I guess this one will go back in the dye pots at a later date for something else.

Dyed four shades of a rose for my Rose, two shades of purple and a yellow for my pansies. the purple is a really nice royal purple, although here it looks like a royal blue.. so much for lighting.

My design is now transferred to my backing - verel. Tomorrow I shall start hooking. Can't wait to get started on this. Going to try some shading on the flowers, so my Rug Hooking Bible will be close at hand.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trivets finished

Just finished my two hooked trivets. so now I have to tweak my new rug design and get it onto the backing. The new one I think I will call Rose Medley. Hoping to do some shaded flowers, so the last few days I have been reading my Rug Hooker's Bible... Wish me luck on that front.
Talking to my daughter yesterday and told her it is time for her to change cities, she has had to much bad luck in the one that she has been in for the past three years. Over a year ago some guy came through a stop sign and she ended up t-boning his car and wrote off her own. Insurance only paid the value of her car so she ended up paying off the rest of her loan herself. And yesterday, she was getting off her shift and going too her new car when some guy in a jacked up truck gouged the side of her car with his hitch and didn't even stop....... Who does that kind of thing.
Us Newfies don't that is for sure.

Marbelized dyeing

Love to marbelize wool. the easiest way to create new colors without using any dyes.
the results are outstanding.