Friday, March 5, 2010

In the dye pots

Spent last night in the dye pots while the hubby was at work.Tried Wanda's (Wandaworksinwiarton) point step dyeing and here is what I came up with. Used Prochems three basic colors... Magenta, Brilliant Blue and Sunshing Yellow.

Overdyed three different greys with gold to get some green for leaves, like the first two but not so much the third one. I guess this one will go back in the dye pots at a later date for something else.

Dyed four shades of a rose for my Rose, two shades of purple and a yellow for my pansies. the purple is a really nice royal purple, although here it looks like a royal blue.. so much for lighting.

My design is now transferred to my backing - verel. Tomorrow I shall start hooking. Can't wait to get started on this. Going to try some shading on the flowers, so my Rug Hooking Bible will be close at hand.


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  1. Hi Melaine,
    Welcome to blogville! Looks like you had success in the dye pots. Love that spot dye.