Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy hookin'

Well we didn't get the STORM we thought. we did get a LOT of fluffy snow, about two feet of it in my driveway... and it's a mighty long driveway, more of a lane really. Beautiful day today. No wind and the sun is shining, so the hook-in went ahead. I had 2 new hookers and 3 old hookers. Didn't take much in the way of pictures. No progress yet. Will post that next week. Here is a picture of the pattern that I designed for the new hookers to start- On a String! And another picture of some delicious Chewy Brownies that I made. I got the recipe from Craftaholics Anonymous blog. Check her out. Her link is on my sidebar.

Toodles, Melaine


  1. Melaine, I have aweakness for brownies. They sure make my mouth water.
    I've just handed the baby to my daughter for breastfeeding and I've decided to check you your blog while I have a chance.

    You sure got a lot of snow all of a sudden , I hope that it won't stay too long now since spring is just around the corner. Here in Ottawa we had about a foot from the last storm.

    I'm wondering what kind of backing you are using for your rug kits. I never saw red backing before.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the students' rugs. Have a safe week and keep warm. JB

  2. Well, Melaine, you must be a good hooker to have extra people coming in... LOL!! love that pattern and am watering out of the mouth now for those brownies...just when I am trying to cut back on sweets..... :) :)