Monday, February 21, 2011

Candy hearts???

Just watching the news this evening and was shocked to see a report of a drug bust, that included 'esctasy' pills that resembled these valentine candy. What is our world coming too when there are sick, evil people out there trying to get little kids hooked on these addictive, mind-altering, life-changing drugs. Parents really need to educate their children on so much more these days.


  1. It is so disgusting. We have several large drug busts in our town recently - one just down the street from me. The bust included several guns. It is rampant.

  2. Melaine, It is so sad to see these types of things happening. I work at a Children Services agency and one of our mandatory trainings is safety in the office as well as in the field. Each year someone from the local police dept. talk about drugs, meth labs in particular. It's downright scary what is happening out there, even scarier how young the people are. It seems they get younger every year!