Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Friday started off the weekend with a lovely supper of Fishcakes not complete  without a side of Million Dollar Pickles. Two of my sisters came home to spend some time with Mom. We cooked a marvelous meal of Baked Ham, Roasted Russet potatoes, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli and Corn, followed by Bakeapple Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue Pie and Cheesecake Brownies... Can you say too full. We took the meal into the hospital and set up in  the Therapeutic Room so Mom could join us. (It's just too hard to bring her out because she is not mobile at all now. We had a marvelous time.
Then on Sunday we had a great feed of lobster cooked in salt water from the ocean ( the best way to cook them).

And here are my ducks. They come up to my deck every day now to get some bread scraps.
My sisters went back today, glad to have spent some time with Mom. A wonderful weekend


  1. Everything sounds so wonderful! I'm especially interested in the lobsters cooked in sea water! Glad your mom had a good day as well!
    Have a good week!

  2. Oh it sounds like a wonderful time. I looooovvveee lobster! I love it cooked in seaweed also mmmmm I fell the butter dripping off my chin now.

  3. Oh Lobster, my favorite sea food. JB

  4. That sounds so wonderful. I love how you brought Easter dinner to your Mom. Your menu is making my mouth water. All so good!