Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Duck Pond

You know you have had a lot of rain when.... you look out into your yard and there are ponds of water everywhere and two ducks decided to take over one of them. Didn't get to take a picture, but it was pretty funny.  I bought out some bread  and gave them a little treat.
They are tame ducks and I think they are looking for a place to build their nest.


  1. Cool new look on your blog! Funny about your new duck pond!

  2. Love your new header. Fun easter tree. The duck story cracks me up. Better to have an impromptu pond than a snow storm :)

  3. Melaine, you may have a brood pretty soon,Keep us posted. Hope that the rain and snow goes away. We are having snow and rain today. JB

  4. Hope the Ducks nest nearby. Then I hope they survive the onslaught of the seagulls.. they will steal the eggs and we even saw them snatch the duckings from the brook a couple of years ago. Too sad. Julia and Kim, we are going to get that snow and rain tomorrow. I thought we were supposed to have an early spring this year, somebody messed up, lol.