Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend at the cabin. Saturday was beautiful. We got up Saturday morning and Hubby and I sawed up a load of firewood and then

 we packed it in the woodshed, where its sits patiently, waiting to be burned in our lovely potbellied stove.
 I don't know how well you can see the green buds on the Balsam tree, but they are definitely peeping out. Yeah, Spring has sprung.
 The dogs enjoyed a great day rambling in the woods and on the beach.
 And speaking of the beach, look at the wonderful treasures I found on my walk on the beach. Two starfish, and a multitude of beachglass in a rainbow of colors, clear, green, amber, cobalt blue and even a piece of rare yellow. I also found several pieces of pottery shards. Makes for some nice jewelry.
 Right down in the bottom right corner of this photo is the little cove where I do a lot of beachcombing. It is just down over the hill from our cabin.

And down on the bank of that cove, our little flat bottom boat lies waiting to be launched in the water for another season. I love to row around in the water on a sunny summer day just listening to the sounds of the ocean and the seagulls.

And to finish off the day we had a lovely feed of fresh crab legs. I tell you, life just doesn't get much better than that.
Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Toodles.


  1. It looks like you will be all ready for the cold winter next year with all that wood... Crab legs sounds just about perfect. I had some PEI lobster that I thawed from my freezer yesterday, it was good but not as good as fresh. I had a nice beer on the side to make up for the fact that is was thawed lobster. JB

  2. Can't beat shellfish Julia, fresh or frozen. I tend to can mine now though. Tastes like fresh.
    Hope your weather is warming up.

  3. Boy, you do have the life! I love your cabin. Hubby and I pour over real estate sites for a getaway! Nice beach glass haul...can't wait to see it become jewelry. I'm glad you guys are getting some true's been a long time coming!
    Take care!

  4. What a peacful and wonderful place. I love sea glass I have a little jar of it from Maine.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful place to relax and breath. I would never want to leave.

    So the beach glass you just find on the beach? I live in the mountains and it's been years (sadly) since I have been to a beach and all I remember was shells and starfish. I have a stupid question, where does the glass come from? It's beautiful! Your jewelry is beautiful too.

    I can so imagine how cozy your cabin is, smelling the moist air and sitting by the fire. Thanks for sharing! Blessings,, Marla