Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freaky Friday

I had a day Friday like Kim's Mondays. I left home at 7 A.M. to go to Grand Bank for  Census 2011 training. Yes, I got the job. I had a little over a quarter of a tank (which was lots for a 69 km drive) and figured I would get gas on the way back this afternoon. About 15 kms into my drive my gashand dropped down really fast. I stopped my Sportage and got out thinking my gas tank had to be leaking.... No, everything was fine there. When I got to Lamaline, which was about another 8 - 10 kms. away, I pulled into the gas station thinking they were open because there was an SUV parked close to the pump.
#29776 Clip Art Graphic Of A Frustrated Man Flipping Off The Smiley Face On A Pump At A Gas Station While Going Broke Over Filling The Gasoline Tank Of His Pickup Truck by DJArt
No such luck. So I continued on driving through Lamaline. I noticed a man walking along the left side of the road and all of a sudden a little Beagle cross ran up over the right side of the road in front of me.
#23626 Clip Art Graphic Of An Obsessed Brown Hound Dog Cartoon Character Running With His Tongue Flapping In The Wind by toons4biz
I slammed on the brakes so hard I know the back of the Sportage must have come up off the pavement. Luckily the dog was unscathed, I think that I gave myself whiplash and an almost heart attack.   Finally I reached Fortune and pulled into the gas station and FILLED UP my tank.

After my training session, I took a little side trip to the local thrift store and snagged this red and black houndstooth jacket

On the way home I stopped in to see Anne    to drop off some fodge I had for her. We had a lovely visit and a cup of tea and I went home with this

A dozen delicious farm fresh eggs. Thanks Anne.


  1. All I can say, is congratulations on getting the job and count it as a blessing that you didn't killed the dog or yourself for that matter.

    Although you were concerned about running out of gas, you made it to Fortune to gas up and had a great visit . A great trade- off for some fudge and a jacket to boot. Not a bad day considering.

    I hope that you didn't get hurt in the process. I was wondering how your fund raising is coming along for the road maintenance.

    Have a great weekend. JB

  2. Melaine, I'm glad you got home in one piece. Its nice you got to stop and have tea with Anne. Those fresh eggs make me want to make a big fluffy omelet.