Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This and That

Hi all, haven't blogged in a while now. Busy times in the garden and then my email account was hacked into. And let me tell you... that was no fun. Anyway on with what I have been up to... June 18th. was our last lobster boil for the season, snif, snif. Here is a pic of hubby with the lobsters. There is nothing better than lobster boiled in water right from the ocean. There is just the perfect amount of salt in it.

My Rose Medley rug is finished except for the binding. I'm happy with the background now.
Been working on my Forest secrets challenge. Going pretty good so far, can't show any progress though. Just have to wait for the deadline date and then will show all.

Lately, I have been doing some knitting.. trying to knit up some of my stash... telling myself that I will NOT buy any more wool for a while, LOL. Now that's a Challenge all of it's own.
I knit this blue cable baby afghan Had some wool left so I knit a Blue Cable Scarf
Just finished this Baby Shells afghan last night

This last one didn't take too long, seeing as we had rain and fog for the last three days - grrrrrr. Hopefully there are some sunny days ahead of us. The fog can only last so long... right? But then again the old saying goes - if you don't like the weather in Newfoundland, wait five minutes - it will change!

Toodles everyone, hope you are all having a fun summer.


  1. Those lobsters look so good. We are getting some next week and cooking them at the beach. You are right, best when cooked in sea water.
    Rose rug looks great, I haven't knit for awhile (except for dish cloths)

  2. Melaine, I didn't realize you had this beautiful blog set up...I read all of your posts and enjoyed it very much. You are an exceptionally talented lady...Love your rug...Keep on hookin' {and everything else...}