Saturday, July 24, 2010

Despite the Fog!!!

Went to Great Paradise last weekend.... a little town that was resettled in the late 1960's.As any Newfoundlander would know, Resettlement was hard on people. They were pretty much forced to leave the small communities by the Government (Premier Joseph A. Smallwood) and move to larger centers, leaving behind a way of life and even some of their loved ones in the cemeteries. A number of former residents have built summer homes back there and every summer they have a reunion party. We went over by boat with a friend from Petite Forte.
There was an old fashioned Garden Party Dance with ages from 5 to 95. The weather was a bit wet and foggy but everyone had a grand old time.


  1. A Garden Party Dance - What fun! Great photos. Its nice to hear the community has found a 2nd life in the summer.

  2. The weather is not co-operating, for sure, Melaine...Gotta go in the fog or stay home...Sounds like a nice weekend spot...Love the pics.
    Did you think about going to woody Island?