Monday, July 25, 2011

Yeah, summer is here

Summer finally arrived to us this weekend in all her glory......... and it's about b____y time too. Spent a wonderful weekend at the cabin. Friday night, three of my sisters arrived to spend the night with me. Mom's birthday was earlier in the week and they had come out to celebrate with her.
She turned 83 on the 21st. We had a birthday cake and other treats at the long
term facility and invited the staff and the other residents to drop by. It was a nice afternoon.  Here are two of my sisters on the left side, mom in the center and me on the right side.

These are my sisters beachcombing. This is the beach where I find most of the seaglass that I use in my jewelry.

And here are my socks drying on a rock. I always manage to get caught by a rogue wave that fills my rubbers with sea water. That's half the fun of it.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.                                                                


  1. Happy birthday to your mom. So great to get together with family.

  2. I hope your mom had a very happy birthday. It's great you could all get together. Hunting for beach glass is always a pleasure.

  3. Your Mom looks great, Melaine, as do the three of you gals, too...happy beachcombing...