Friday, March 25, 2011

Seriously Mother!

Nature, that is. We have had a couple of weeks of nice days, a little bit chilly but the snow was all just about gone.
Notice, there is hardly any snow in the background of these pictures.
And then, today this is what we have.  Seriously!!!!!

I saw a Robin yesterday and I was thinking... yeah, it's Spring. Today, I'm thinking.... wherever that poor little Robin is, I sure hope he has a furnace.

March came in like a Lion so it's supposed to go out like a lamb. Looks to me like the Lion ate that lamb!!!


  1. I'm sorry for your setback Melaine, We had a wee bit of snow flurries but it didn't last but we still have snow where it drifted heavy this winter. The wide open spaces are bare but it's still cool. I'll put up with the snow if it keeps the flood away. Every spring it's a BIG concern to us here who live in the low line area.

    I still haven't seen a robin yet, although my friend saw 6 in her yard on the weekend. I make a wish when I see my first robin of the spring. JB

  2. Disgusting, Melaine...I thought this was all over...Yesterday was such a beautiful day... Don't like to wish my time away but I will be glad when the end of March arrives...

  3. Oh my goodness - I can't believe you got all that snow! sandie

  4. We had a dusting this morning too. It had disappeared by mid afternoon but it's started up again. Aarrgh